Painting Your Bedroom


Kelly-Moore interior paints offer many color choices for your bedroom. But what sort of color should you choose? Your choice of bedroom paint color can help create a soothing, relaxing mood, perfect for getting a good night's sleep.

Whites or greys

If you have a beautiful handmade quilt or a fantastic headboard that you want to serve as the visual focus of your bedroom, consider one of Kelly-Moore's white paints. A warmer white hue, such as Adobe White or Alhambra Cream, can feel less stark than a cooler white hue, and it can also set off your white curtains or sheets, as well. A grey tone, on the other hand, can also work well in a bedroom, especially if the space has a lot of artwork on the walls. Consider Snowflake Confetti or Grey Rock if you are looking for a paler grey hue. French Quarter or Iron Mountain is an excellent choice if you are going for a bolder, darker and more masculine look.

Tranquil greens

If your bedroom features floral or botanical motifs, consider a green color from Kelly-Moore's palette to accentuate the garden-like atmosphere of your bedroom. Portsmouth Olive can work well as a neutral sage green tone in an adult bedroom. Glimpse of Spring is a fun choice that adds a minty hue to a girl's bedroom. Green Jeans is a perfect grassy green for a boy's bedroom.

Your blue heaven

Kelly-Moore offers several shades of blue that are perfect for bedrooms. Blue or blue-gray paint on your bedroom walls wraps you in a soothing, cool shade that helps you relax. Choose a sky blue like Precious Dew Drop or Quiet Refuge to offset light colors and neutrals, or a warmer green-blue shade like Teal Twilight or Sea Dreams, which looks perfect against the brown tones of wooden furniture.

Picking your purple

Passionate purples, lavenders, lilacs and vibrant violets have appeared in many well-designed bedrooms lately, and Kelly-Moore offers many color options that can help you find the perfect shade for your space. Choose the bold Plumbago to accent a wall or to counterbalance bright  metallic furniture, a mirror or a silvery headboard. Pom Pom is a barely-there lavender shade with a neutral look that gives your space a hint of color without overwhelming the eye.

No matter what color you choose for your bedroom, you can always find the perfect shade of Kelly-Moore paint. Go with passion and drama, or go with soothing relaxation. The choice is yours when you select one of Kelly-Moore's interior paints for your bedroom.

Find out about Kelly-Moore's interior paints and get some great ideas for a color for the walls in your bedroom.


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