Exterior Water-Based Paint

Exterior water-based paint is a smart choice for a number of different projects. Though oil-based paints are also an option, water-based exterior paints are more versatile in the long run. These paints are also commonly referred to as latex or acrylic paints. Read on to find out more about how and when you should use these products.

Exterior water-based paint types

If you thought your choices were over when you decided on a water-based paint, then unfortunately you have some more thinking to do. Modern exterior paints are very specialized with products to suit every type of siding as well as other parts of your home, from the deck to the roof. To get the best performance from your new paint, choose the right product for the job. Other things to consider in regards to paint types are color and finish. Regardless of which part of your house you are painting, you have a wide variety of color options, and no other paint type is as vibrant as water-based paint. Finish is also important. Because finish determines how light is reflected off your paint, it directly affects the way your house looks morning and night.

Advantages of water-based paint

If you are still not sold on water-based paint, consider its many advantages. Because a water base is less viscous than an oil base, it dries much faster, and does not trap moisture against your siding, effectively reducing weather-related erosion. Water-based exterior paints are also safer because they emit fewer fumes and are not flammable like their oil-based counterparts. If you are not going to strip the area you are repainting first, then a water-based product is your best option because it adheres to both old water-based and old oil-based paints. Finally, safety and convenience aside, these paints are also popular because they are brighter and glossier than other options and retain that color quality for years.

Transform the exterior of your home with exterior water-based paint. No other paint is as efficient, effective or vibrant as water-based products.