Enviro Coat Reflective Exterior Heat Reflective Paint

Kelly-Moore’s 1545 Enviro Coat Reflective is an Exterior 100% Acrylic Solar-Reflective Low Sheen Paint once applied to vertical outside walls, reflects a portion of the radiant heat from the sun away from the building. This advanced infrared-reflective technology employs unique pigments in the paint that will not allow as much IR radiant heat to absorb into the film and wall, even when using medium and darker colors.

How does this work?

Darker colors will absorb light and radiant heat more than lighter colors. The physics are similar to sitting in the sun wearing black clothing versus wearing white clothing – you should feel the heat difference. Not all buildings are painted with bright white paints, in fact; contemporary exterior color trends use many medium and darker colors. By using pigment technologies that reflect a percentage of radiant heat, the exterior walls will remain cooler, even when using the mid-tone colors popular on today’s homes.

Enviro Coat Reflective is a functionally green paint system, and 1545 ECR is another member of Kelly-Moore’s Earth First paint family. By reflecting some of the radiant heat away from the outside wall and keeping it cooler, expect less heat-transfer to the inside wall. Controlling the amount of heat transferring to the inside living space, can result in cycling the air-conditioning unit with less frequency, saving energy and expense.

1545 Enviro Coat Reflective
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Photo of 1545 Enviro Coat Reflective