Epic Interior and Exterior Enamels

An Epic Finish.  Epic is a line of premium enamels designed for use on trim and accent areas where a smooth, self-leveling and extremely durable finish is desired. Created with an unique urethane-alkyd resin to provide a long lasting, hard finish that out performs standard enamel coatings.  This user friendly, waterborne formulation is ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

Epic is available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss and a full range of colors from white to deep accents.

Epic 1997 Satin Sheen Tile  Epic 1998 Semi-Gloss Sheen Tile  Epic 1999 Gloss Sheen Tile

1997 Epic
Interior / Exterior
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1998 Epic
Interior / Exterior
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Photo of 1998 Epic
1999 Epic
Interior / Exterior
Gloss Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1999 Epic