AcryPlex Premium Interior Paints

AcryPlex is a family of premium quality interior paints, enamels and primers designed to provide a luxurious, self-priming finish in a durable 100% acrylic, low VOC formulation.  

Excellent for use on a walls, trim and ceiling surfaces in residential and commercial applications.  AcryPlex can be used on drywall, plaster, masonry, metal, wood and hardboard.  Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, classrooms, standard doors/trim and much more.   

Available in flat, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes with a full range of color options.

AcryPlex 1602 Flat  AcryPlex 1610 Eggshell  AcryPlex 1640 Satin  AcryPlex 1650 Semi-Gloss    

1602 AcryPlex
Premium Flat Paint Learn More
Photo of 1602 AcryPlex
1610 AcryPlex
Premium Eggshell Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1610 AcryPlex
1640 AcryPlex
Premium Satin Enamel Learn More
Photo of 1640 AcryPlex
1650 AcryPlex
Premium Semi-Gloss Enamel Learn More
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971 AcryPlex
PVA Low-Odor Primer/Sealer Learn More
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973 AcryPlex
Enamel Undercoat Learn More
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