Magnum Interior Paints

Solid Performance.  Magnum Interior paint and enamels consistently provide a uniform and decorative finish. 

Magnum is available in a complete line of sheens – flat, low sheen, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss to meet your project needs.  And a wide range of colors including deep and accent colors.


Magnum 482 Flat Sheen Tile  Magnum 490 Low Sheen Tile  Magnum 492 Eggshell Sheen Tile  

Magnum 494 Satin Sheen Tile  Magnum 495 Semi-Gloss Sheen Tile  Magnum 499 Gloss Sheen Tile    

482 Magnum
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Photo of 482 Magnum
490 Magnum
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492 Magnum
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494 Magnum
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495 Magnum
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499 Magnum
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